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Sign in page is not displayed.
Sign in page is using the security function of SSL. Therefore Please sign up from the browser corresponding to SSL.

Can I use it on my website which cannot use CGI?
Yes you can.

Can I use it on my website using the frame?
Yes you can.
Please insert a tag in the HTML file side called to the inside of a frame.

Can I use it on business site?
Yes, you can use charged version and free version.

Does it correspond to the cellular phone?
No it doesn't.

Can only Windows users use it?
You can use regardless OS. But a restriction case has the service which can be used in part.Please confirm "Environment of operation" for details.

What should I do for using the charged version?
First of all, please register the free version. There is an application page for charged version.

What if received message when I am offline?
It is accumulated to the server of PAKAPEKO ONLINE. The accumulated message can be seen by logging in to the site of PAKAPEKO ONLINE, or starting PAKAPEKO ONLINE Jr.

Is restriction prepared in the number of accesses to the websites?
The charged version is up to 10,000 accesses per day, and is up to 200,000 accesses per month.
The free version is up to 5000 accesses per day, and is up to 50,000 accesses per month.

I lost my password, what should I do?
You can recover your password here. Please carry out a recurrence line from the top page of PAKAPEKO ONLINE.

Can I change my user ID?
No, you can't. You should cancel your presentID and sign up again.

How do I change my personal information?
You can change your registration information at your "My Top" page.

How do I change my payment method?
It can change on the member information change page after login. However, change of credit card information performs settlement-of-accounts processing at the time for card attestation.

How do I withdraw from PAKAPEKO ONLINE?
Please perform cancellation procedure on the member information change page after login.
Please understand beforehand that it cannot repay at all about the charge which you already pay.

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