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The usage of PAKAPEKO ONLINE Jr.

Download and install

  1. First, please click here and check whether environment of operation conforms to environment, such as your personal computer. When it does not suit, you cannot use PAKAPEKOONLINE Jr. In this case, you can use this service only on a site.
  2. Please log in to MyTop, choose download from a left-hand side menu, and save at a desktop etc.
  3. Please double-click and perform the saved file. Installation starts.
  4. After installation finishes, the icon of PAKAPEKO ONLINE is displayed on a desktop. If this is double-clicked, PAKAPEKOONLINE Jr. will rise.


  1. Since the window which inputs ID and a password opens when AKAPEKO ONLINE Jr. is started, please input them. Although opened each time at the time of starting, if the check "which saves a password" is put in, since this window will memorize ID and a password inside a personal computer, it becomes unnecessary to open it, and becomes unnecessary to input it.

Main Window

  1. If ID and a password are recognized, a left character picture will appear in a desktop. This is called Main window.

Top menu

  1. Please carry out the right click of the main window. If it does so, a menu will open.
  2. Please choose the target item.

Notice window of real-time access

  1. Please display your homepage which stuck the basic tag (re-display when having already displayed).
  2. Then, a left window opens and the contents of access are displayed. If someone visits to your homepage irrespective of you confidence, it will be displayed on real time.
  3. You can change the size of a window like size change of a general window. Just drag the edge of a window.
  4. If each item of URL and Referer which is displayed is double-clicked, a browser will be opened and you can see the homepage.
  5. A click of a closed button closes a window. At this time, the question window of whether to make it not display on real time opens. In not wanting you to notify to real time, " should be and it should choose ". This setup can also choose and change "a setup" from a top menu.

New creation of a web message

  1. When you transmit a web message, please choose a "web message" from a top menu.
  2. Then, since a left window appears, please input an address and push O.K. The user ID or the mail address of PAKAPEKO ONLINE is sufficient as an address.

Reception and transmission of a web message

  1. When transmitting a web message, or when it receives, a left window opens for every partner.
  2. Please input the contents into the input column of the window lower part and push a transmitting button to send a message to a partner. You can do animation of a partner's character picture by expression which you specify.
  3. When you specify expression, please choose by pushing the small button "Y" in a window. When you speak, a partner is notified of a selected expression.


  • Basic setup

    ID and a password can be set up.
    Moreover, the notice of real-time access can be changed invalid and effectively, or the number of the maximum display lines in a notice window can be set up.

  • Sound

    The sound effect for every animation can be set up invalid and effectively.

  • Time adjustment

    It is the function to adjust automatically the clock of the personal computer based on SNTP4 (NTP V4). The Internet is used and the clock of a personal computer is correctly set from the time of the global standard.
    Please set SNTP4 server and put a check into the right "enable."
    The NTP server (PUBLIC NTP SERVER) which anyone can use can be found by the following URL.
    * Keep in mind that NTP servers other than NTP V4 are also contained.

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